David Crabtree

"David & Deborah Crone are among God’s own. We love authentic people and especially those who become friends both in ministry and personally. At the heart of their authenticity is their ability to be honest about tough times and still be faithful to a God who is, in their eyes, still very good and still powerful. Their story of “coming through” is brilliantly powerful. They have a very 

direct result of their message, encouragement, and love.  We are honored to share life with them."

                  Senior Leaders of Hill Country Church

                  San Marcos, Texas

Kris Valloton

"I have known David and Deborah Crone for over 20 years. Not only have they served as Senior Leaders at The Mission in Vacaville, California for more than 25 years, they are apostolic leaders with a worldwide ministry. They have a long-standing relationship with Bethel Church and Global Legacy. David and Deborah impart prophetic wisdom everywhere they go. They will awaken you 

of presence, the anchor of hope, and the mysteries of divine intimacy. They are known and lovedfor their timely words, approachability, and a depth of integrity that attracts the secret counsel of heaven. We highly recommend them for ministry and treasure their apostolic voices and friendship in our lives."

strong value for seeing the Holy Spirit move in healing, in prophecy and in the supernatural transformation of people's lives. They are great leaders and their contribution to our lives, and to our church life, is immense and valuable. David & Deborah are high quality folk who have a ready welcome with us."

                 Senior Leader of DaySpring Church

                 Castle Hill NSW, Australia


heavens values deeply rooted in their own hearts, churches, or places of influence."  

Tim and Elisabeth Darnel

"No other couple has had more impact on our church body and on us personally than Dave & Deb Crone.  They are an amazing example to the body of Christ as a father and mother.  The integrity and transparency of their journey has inspired us to never settle for less, but to reach for all God has planned for us.  Many of the breakthroughs we are experiencing as a church are a 

International directors of Sounds of the Nations, co-leaders at The Mission in Vacaville, California, and global itinerant trainers who have authored more than 25 books for prophetic leaders, worshipers, children, and those hungry for God-encounters.

Keith Ferrante 

"I have known Dave and Deb for nearly 20 years now and have been hugely impacted by their fatherly, prophetic, and empowering hearts. Both of them have been a great example to me in the faith and in my development and would be a huge blessing to anyone out there that wants to see 

John and Lisa Crumpton

"We are living in an age when fatherlessness is a scourge in the nations. Faithful fathers and role models of strong character are scarce. This is why the life and ministry of David and Deborah Crone is so significant during this season. They have walked through the fire, they have passed through the flood waters, they have gone through the trials of life, and they have overcome. With gentleness, humility, vulnerability and genuine integrity, David and Deborah have reached out to many and released a message of hope and courage, and released an anointing to overcome. I highly recommend their ministry." 

                  Leaders of Breakthru Life Church

                  Apostolic Leader of Foundation Ministries International

                  Johannesburg, South Africa


Dan and Regina McCollam

Regina and I have had the privilege of walking with apostolic leaders David and Debra Crone for nearly 20 years. We have personally witnessed how their fathering hearts and prophetic wisdom has transformed church leaders, regions, and nations. David and Deborah champion the priority  

of the consistency in the way their actions match their words. If they declare something with their words, the actions that follow that declaration will match.  That's integrity, and is what makes both of them such safe powerful people, and we are forever grateful for their friendship and leadership."

                 Pastoral Development


                 The Mission, Vacaville, Ca

 into new dimensions of spiritual hunger, and challenge you to press into God for greater manifestations of His presence. I highly recommend their ministry!"

                  Senior Associate Leader, Bethel Church, Redding, CA
                  Co-Founder of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry
                  Author of eleven books, including The Supernatural Ways of Royalty and Spirit Wars.

Gary and Karissa Hopkins

"The two core values that cause us to be drawn to someone in admiration are humility and integrity. David and Deborah Crone are two people who model humility, because they understand 

it is God giving them credit for what He is doing through them.  We are forever grateful for their friendship and leadership.They are people we completely trust in every level of our life, because

David & Deborah Crone

Founder of Emerging Prophets 
Author of There Must Be More, Reforming the Church from a House to a Home, and Restoring the Father's Heart