Deborah Crone

Deborah grew up in the small fishing village of Moss Landing on the Monterey Bay of California. Having long been involved in interior design, she began to create original art pieces to be displayed in design projects.

Deborah began painting by adopting the Fresco style of applying paint over fresh plaster. Her process now combines new art concepts and materials with the oldest known form of painting to create an amazing and unusual quality within her designs.

To Deborah, art is about using color and texture to create a sense of peace and rest, drawing the viewer into the picture. When encountering one of Deborah's works the comment "Oh, I want to go there!" is often heard.

Deborah's art has been purchased by discerning collectors from around the world. A portion of the proceeds have helped orphans in Guatamala, widows in Romania, and provided teachers for the International training schools.

Deborah's original pieces are marked with a seal embossed with the initials NIS, a value that is reflected in the quality of Deborah's art.

Deb's Newest Creation! 

Pearl Canvas Shopper
A quality bag with a powerful message.

                         $22.50 plus Shipping

Deborah's art is available for purchase and personal commissions can be arranged by filling out the connection form:

Designs by Deborah

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