Partnering With Heaven: Praying For Your Children

As parents, we have been given the great privilege and responsibility to raise up the next generation of God lovers and Kingdom keepers. Our children are valuable treasures. Parenting them brings great reward, but it can also challenge our skills, energy, faith, and wisdom. In Partnering with Heaven, Tammy Hawkins speaks from personal experience and gives the reader powerful insights and tools to link up with heavenly resources through prayer and declaration. This is not a book on parenting theory but a heartfelt expression that will give courage and hope to every parent.

                                Declarations That Empower Us

Every new season requires fresh language. In Declarations That Empower Us, David Crone shares
several Holy Spirit inspired proclamations and speaks to the empowering quality of coming into agreement with Heaven through the act of declaration. This book is more than a teaching manuscript or anecdotal journal; it is a resource manual for those looking for language to express their resolve in critical moments along their journey. 

     “Declarations That Empower Us is like the prince who kissed Sleeping Beauty awake! This book will     wake you into new dimensions in God.” Kris Vallotton.

Great for small group study!


21 Days of Hope:                 A Daily Encounter

21 days of hope is more than a book you read. It is designed to take you on a journey that will move you from ineffective wishing to empowered hoping and release you from being held hostage to circumstances so you can become a joyful prisoner of hope. 

Why 21 days of hope? 21-day periods have been especially effective when desiring transformational breakthrough. 21 days of soaking in and activating hope will detox your mind and emotions from the enemies of hope and reset your focus on the expectation of good from a good God.

David & Deborah Crone



Heroes of Hope:                            Inspirational Stories

Heroes of Hope  is a collection of inspirational stories of either historical or Biblical characters who have lived with hope in challenging times. In doing so, they have inspired hope in the people around then and made significant contribution to their world and future generations. 

Heroes are not born, they are created by choices. Each of us has the seed of a hero residing inside us. Choosing hope gives us the power to become a Hero of Hope for our families, our society, and for generations we will never see.

                              The Power of Your Life Message

In The Power of Your Life Message, author David Crone shares his deeply personal journey experiences that ended with an intimate relationship with His heavenly Father. You will be challenge to change your mindset, which opens the door to internal transformation.
    "Please read this book without caution, and be ready to burn with divine passion and ready to                  receive the intimate touch of a loving Father. Read it for the adventure"  Bill Johnson

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Decisions That Define Us

In Decisions That Define Us, David Crone’s first book, he documents his personal and corporate journey of transformation as senior leader of a transitioning church in northern California. Each decision in this book represents the spoils of a battle fought and costly kingdom lesson learned by this leader, his team, and their local fellowship. Within these pages you'll be challenged and inspired to pursue God's Kingdom at any cost and to discover practical ways of expressing the supernatural in your own life. 

    “David Crone's book, Decisions that Define Us,...brilliantly targets the heart to transform the               mind." Bill Johnson                                           

Prisoner of Hope: Captivated by the Expectation of Good

In Prisoner of Hope David Crone lays out a powerful argument for the importance of choosing hope and living with a confident expectation of the goodness of God. David speaks from life experiences that have challenged the validity of a hopeful existence and reveals the keys to defeating those negative circumstances. Prisoner of Hope is not a book of theory or cold theology, but a breathing epistle of the authentic value of living in expectation. In reading this book you will re-discover your childlike faith and your heart will be freshly tuned to the life giving sound of hope.

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